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Just Thinking…About the Number of Religions

To me, the number of religions, and divisions thereof, as well as the number of cults and varying views on the supernatural is mentally staggering. Reading the religious posts and comments on the numerous forums creates in me a certain mind weariness. The opposing beliefs on God and the supernatural that people have is atonishing and I can see how unbelievers could consider the volumes of differing beliefs and opinions as some form of psychosis or mental crutch that humans devise to create coping mechanisms.

If I wasn’t a believer, I would most certainly agree. But I am a believer. I have been aware of a greater supernatural force since a small child, and well before I was ever introduced to the concepts of church doctrines. Why? Why do I believe despite it all? Does this belief come from God, or the God gene?


2 thoughts on “Just Thinking…About the Number of Religions

  1. God may well have provided a biological/psychological impetus to believe in him, I often feel something very similar myself. Equally he may not have done.
    The biggest issue I find with these multiple religions/interpretations is that they often claim non-believers in their particular religion are going to Hell. I don’t know about you but finding out which religion is the right one to follow and then doing so sounds like a pretty important thing to do, albeit nigh on impossible…

    • I think you’re right, it is nigh on impossible. The number of religions and the related religious practices that are considered necessary to be considered correct in one’s faith make me think that none of them could be right, at least not in entirety. I see it similar to the story of the blind men feeling the elephant, each understands a part but not the whole picture.

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