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The New Age Cometh

The year of 2012, even the preceding years, has been a time of anticipation and preparation for many groups of people who see imminent doom in prophesies. From those who believe in the Mayan doomsday prophesy to those who belief in the biblical Armageddon and all those in between, these groups claim the end is near and warn us to prepare for the ultimate end of the world as we know it. It’s big business. Books and Websites are devoted to 2012, Armageddon, and the End of Days. On the Christian networks televangelists are in prime form scamming the gullible including Jim Bakker who is preparing his viewers for imminent doom by selling survival food and equipment while others spin the web in the other direction by claiming that 2012 is not the apocalypse which we would certainly know if only we would buy their series of tapes on biblical prophecy.

But televangelists are not the only ones hustling for dollars. On the flip side, there are doomsayer profiteers selling survival supplies in preparation for the collapse of civilization, and others who sell books and information on how to survive the end of days. Why is it that I hear Pink Floyd’s “Money” and the ka-ching of that ringing cash register every time I think of end of the world scenarios? Because preying on fears is a money making goldmine. People have feared the end of the world since the beginning of time. Just for fun, visit for a review of historical doomsday predictions. According to the website, TEOTWAWKI (The end of the world as we know it) has been a human prediction since 4990 bce.

In my studies I have discovered that the translations for the words thought to reference the end of the world actually reference the end of an age. To me there is a huge difference between the end of the world and the end of an age. I think about an age being a period of time wherein culture represented a certain way of life, systems of belief, standards of living and periodic achievements. To end the age does not seem as doom inspiring as to end the world.

If it should be true that an old age is ending and a new age beginning what does that mean? Those who believe in the end of the world apocalypse are likely to say that it means the earth will die away and the Kingdom of God will manifest, but what if it just means that there is a shift in consciousness toward a greater spiritual awareness?


Kingdom (Photo credit: photoscott)

During my fundamentalist years I was taught to believe that the Kingdom of God was a magical sinless city that floats around in the heavens, and the end of the world meant that the earth would be destroyed and the good Christian souls would be resurrected to live forever and ever in the heavenly city. Although uncomfortable with this belief, I hesitantly accepted it until I read the gnostic gospels and had a eureka moment in understanding what the term “Kingdom of God” meant. With this new knowledge the bible began to make sense to me, almost as if a foreign language had suddenly been translated. Fast forward to the time after I understood the universal tenets and began to think about the end of the age again. I began to consider that the end of the age was actually the end of religious intolerance and the beginning of a universal spiritual awareness. Thinking along this line, I consider how many people are distancing themselves from organized religion. Many are abandoning the conventional church model, opting for home church gatherings and in other ways making Christ and his teachings perceived in their own ways as the guide of their spiritual walks.

Oddly enough, I believe spirituality is also subject to the concept of evolution. It has taken hundreds of years to evolve, but there is a growing movement toward religious tolerance which will lead to an improved state of humanity. My belief is that love for one another, love in its purest form, has always been the intent of God for his creation. In this belief I can accept, even welcome, the end of the world, as it is ending an age where confusion, intolerance and judgment have provided motive for human beings to willing commit the most horrific atrocities against each other.

How then should I consider the end of the age? I think that whenever the new age comes, in its completed state, that it will be the dawn of eternity as God would intend it to be…pure, loving beings existing as an extension of his being. Could it possibly be this is what Jesus prayed for, and asked us to pray for, when he said, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven?” If so, amen.


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