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Will the Republican Party Save Persecuted Christians?

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A fundamentalist Christian named Gary often posts his opinion on a forum I read that the church must begin to speak up and become more involved in politics to defend increasing discrimination toward Christians by the government. According to him, the Republican Party is not receiving enough support from evangelical Christians. I would tend to disagree since every discussion board I read has an abundant amount of political posts in the Christian forum from evangelicals rounding up republican support in hopes of advancing their political preferences.

For his recent post, Gary went on a rant about how Christians are being persecuted by a liberal government with a Marxist agenda. To illustrate his point he posted an excerpt from an article he reports to have been written by the president of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission:

“The slope goes from disinformation to defamation. Once they can dismiss you as one of ‘those’ kinds of people–ether ignorant or a bigot-they begin to marginalize you… Then it goes from marginalization to discrimination, and then from discrimination to outright persecution.” Dr. Gary Cass, president of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission.

The remainder of the post addresses his alleged persecutions of Christians by gay Hollywood writers, social media and civil right and anti-religion groups.

My first thoughts in reading the above quote were of the veiled hatred and contempt shown by many evangelical Christians towards gays, democrats, atheists and just about any religious group outside of the brand of evangelical Christianity. Many, like Gary, want to be religiously right per the bible, and legally right per the law of the land.

Gary and those who believe like him feel that their religious rights are being chiseled away. The separation issues of church and state are being pushed and supported more and more by secular groups. Government officials are placed into the uncomfortable position of securing votes and approval by balancing opposing views with their political platforms and political stances. The Republican Party won’t salvage perceived Christian persecutions. History generally predicts the future and as such voters should know that whatever a politician claims that he or she will achieve is usually not actualized. Intent and ability are often incompatible in the political arena.

When I read Gary’s posts I see a man who is claiming that by virtue of his exclusive religion that he is entitled to his preferences being established as law by the government only because he believes God agrees with him. More so, I infer from his comments hinting of islamophobia that while he excuses all discriminations committed against others in the name of Christianity as being the will of God, he is panicked of feeling discriminated against because of his own religious beliefs.

In the thick of the street festival, some demo...

In the climate of a more secular government and separation of church and state, Gary cries foul and laments Christian persecution. He looks to the Republican candidates pandering for his votes and telling him what he wants to hear as his political redeemers who will return America back to her conservative Christian standards which he believes forsaken to a sinful multitude. Gary should put less hope in the republicans and put more effort into living the message of Christ.  I once heard the concept of karma expressed in the expression, “what rolls over the devil’s back slides up under his belly.” All I can say is don’t dish it out if you can’t take it, because what goes around comes around eventually. For someone who believes the bible was written for his exclusive doctrine Gary willingly chooses to overlook the part that explains you reap what you sow.


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