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What’s In a Name?

Perhaps the prophecy of the coming Christ. A friend who is a student of the ancient Hebrew language tells me that the biblical names for the lineage of Noah may be a hidden prophetic message declaring the coming of a savior for mankind. He says that when taken together the Hebrew meaning of each name reveals a message about a coming messiah. This is how he explained it to me:

Adam: This name literally means “man” and has root in the Hebrew word for “blood”.

Seth: This name means “appointed”.

Enosh: This name comes from the root word anash, meaning “mortal or frail.”

Kenan: This name comes from a root word meaning “sorrow or dirge.”

Mahalal’el: This name means “blessed God” with “el” representing God in the singular.

Jared: This name has its root in yarad, meaning to “come down.”

Enoch: This name means “commencing or teaching.”

Methuselah: This is a compound name from the root word for “death” and the root word for “bring or send forth” which can be understood as “his death will bring.”

Lamech: This name comes from the root word for “despair or lament”.

Noah: This name is derived from nacham meaning “comfort or rest.”

Reading the Hebrew meanings for these names together this message can be discerned:

Man appointed mortal sorrow. Blessed God come down teaching (that) his death brings the despairing rest.

Since I am not a biblical inerrantist this is curiously interesting to me. I hope others find it as interesting as I do. My friend’s post can be read at


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