Just Thinking

Just Thinking…About God’s Canvas

The beauty of nature leaves me awestruck. I drink in the view of trees with leaves changing colors and skies that look as if oil paints have spilled across the horizon. Even in the stark of winter, the beauty of fluffy white snow blanketing the landscape moves me.

There are those who believe this is all happenstance, saying it is mere coincidence that all this beauty exists, or that we even have the cognitive ability to sense that we exist to appreciate it. Scientific reasoning would have me to believe that a particle appeared out of nothing and from nowhere and then billions of years later we have this remarkably beautiful canvas thriving with life around us. But when I take in all the sights of the natural world I find it troublesome to concede that it just came into being without any intelligent force guiding it.

If nature existed without depths of varying color or abundances of patterns, and if everything did not intrinsically weave together into the whole, then I would have an easier time agreeing with the reasoning of nothing into something.

I’ve heard it said that the devil is in the details. Perhaps. But when I see the beauty that surrounds me I see God in the details.


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