Faith and Doubt / Insight

Little Spockers

Publicity photo of Leonard Nimoy and William S...

Publicity photo of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner as Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk from the television program Star Trek. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This month I have been watching several of the Star Trek movies. As I have watched I have become aware of the similarities between the nature of Spock and the secular pronouncements of logic above all else. I wonder if Gene Roddenberry intended to incite a future generation of Spocks when he created his famous fictional character.

In the Star Trek franchises I see a deeper theme. There is the interplay of logical Spock pondering probabilities and statistics offset by the spontaneous disregard of logic by Captain Kirk. Spock represents all that is logical, reasoned and evidenced. There is no room in his thought process for irrationality or irrelevancy. Kirk is emotional and governed by instinct. He acts against reason and predictability. He believes in possibilities where there is little evidence to encourage his actions.

In the dialogue of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”, Spock says about an alien life form (actually a satellite probe that has over the years acquired intelligence), “for all his logic, VGER is barren. He is one dimensional. He does not see beauty. There is no mystery.” Kirk responds that perhaps the solution is to inject VGER with some human qualities, the ability to leap beyond the logical.

This brings me about to my point. I have realized that the ability to embrace the illogical and to believe what seems impossible to believe is the strength and foundation of being human. It is how our ancestors paved the roads of civilizations and advanced progress in sciences and technologies. It has always been about taking the adventure into the unknown and at times without certainties or reason or evidence. Our lives evolve because of our spirits and not because of our logic. To make the mind consist of a single unrelenting point of view is to waste human spirit and ingenuity.

Spirituality is the unknown. It is the mystery needing to be sought out. It is lost to logic because it is the domain of the spirit and not the reasoning of the physical mind needing eyes to see and hands to feel before it is accepted.

I hope future generations of Spocks will appreciate the Kirks in life. Because it is the Kirks that take the risks and leap beyond the logical.  Even Spock at times saw the need to step past his reasoning and trust in the completely illogical suggestions of Kirk. In this time of skepticism and doubt and the longing to reside in the familiar and certain, I for one, would gladly stand next to Kirk in complete uncertainty and say, “energize”.


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