Faith and Doubt

Where is God When Little Children are Murdered?

This is a question that was proposed on a forum I read today regarding the elementary school shooting in Connecticut. The questioner went on to express a rant about the failure of God’s plan and the lunacy of Christians for believing in such a “prick of a deity”.
The evil of this act is immense. It shocks the soul of people who cannot fathom how anyone can kill innocent children. Nonbelievers ask, “Where was your God?” Believers ask, “Why would God let this happen?”

God, the Father watches us all everywhere.

God, the Father watches us all everywhere. (Photo credit: angelofsweetbitter2009)

We tend to see God as our protector. We expect that God should step before the bullets or will differently the mind of a madman who would do harm to innocent lives. Our expectations fail and we are left with confusion and questions and finally rationalizations that God has a plan, or God works in mysterious ways. There is no plan or design from God in this tragedy. But God is present in the midst of this atrocity.
The following words are not intended to be an answer. They are merely my thoughts during prayer; thoughts that help me, as a parent, to ease the heartbreak of this senseless massacre.

God is in the love these parents have for their children. God is in the love the teachers, some of whom lost their lives, expressed toward these children in protecting and comforting them. God is in the love the community and the nation pours out in support of these grieving families who are facing the most horrible tragedy any parent can face.
God is abandoned within the soul of the gunman, who could look into the innocent face of a child and pull a trigger. God is lost from the soul of an atheist who uses this tragedy to promote his view that prayers are a meaningless waste of time.

God is not physical or existent in the aspects and occurrences of the physical. God is spirit and our interaction and engagement with God is through spirit alone. We experience God when we give and receive love; when we offer hope and comfort to others; when we stand against evil and despair with a love stronger.

Let us all stand together in the spirit of love and pray that the families of these children and teachers will find some measure of comfort and peace in the midst of such suffering.


3 thoughts on “Where is God When Little Children are Murdered?

  1. I think there is something to be said about the sense of looking for “God’s plan” in such events. To me, that idea of going about it is actually rather harmful. For a grieving individual to be so desperate for the “reason” when sometimes there isn’t one (or it will not at least be apparent) can prolong and embitter the process. Then if we attach reason or “the plan” to ever negative event, it often allows some (such as Westbero Baptist in their terrible response to said event) to justify such atrocities with some divine will.

    That God may have some plan or may be looking after us in some way, I have no trouble with, but the idea that all is according to his plan is pretty dangerous. I wish we would remove it from our mindsets and take a focus like you’ve put here.

    • I once thought of freewill as the choice of choosing God or not. Now I see freewill as the choices we make to create the experiences we have in life. Not one individual created the experience of unecessary violence against an innocent factor, but we all have in our collective conscious and will. We have created a society where this can happen through our desire for personal celebrity, oversensitive perception of individual rights, enjoyment of crime as entertainment and our willingness to ignore and marginalize others for our own benefit. All religions have the tenet to love and treat others as we do ourselves. How different would society be if that is how we acted?

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