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A Message From Beyond?

dreams and wishes. 62/365

dreams and wishes. 62/365 (Photo credit: ♥)

A family member I dearly loved was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She was given ten months to live but died three months after the diagnosis. When I learned of her illness and impending death, I completely went into a state of denial. During the last three months of her life when I should have been a supportive friend and comforter I instead became a oblivious beast given to meaningless superficial chatter as though our lives would continue just as they had been, as if nothing was seriously wrong. I focused on my job and when I visited her, which was often, I completely ignored her illness. And I behaved this way until the day she died.

After she died and the gravity and reality of her death finally set in, the guilt of my behavior weighed upon me heavily. Thoughts that I failed to be concerned, comforting and loving during the time when she needed me the most never fully escaped my mind.

Then I had a dream.

During this dream I see her several times. In the beginning I am aware that she is sick but each time I am aware of her presence in the dream I am less aware of her illness until finally she doesn’t seem to be sick at all. At the end of the dream she is standing in the home where she lived when I know that she was the happiest in her life. I am aware of her being healthy and that the cancer is gone. I have a feeling of relief and joy that she is healthy and happy and everything seems to be right as it should be.

After this dream I noticed that the guilt I felt after her death slowly faded and I began to question if this was more than a dream. This was the first time that I had dreamed of someone who had passed over. I had never dismissed the paranormal, although I had not embraced it. I wondered if this was a message from her telling me that she was okay in an afterlife or if my mind had finally given me an escape from the grief.

Since becoming open to the possibility that those who have passed over can communicate with us in our dreams I have had several more dreams of lost loved ones. One dream was my grandmother. Another dream was of a beloved aunt, another was of my grandfather. It seems odd to me that before I embraced the possibility of dream visitations that I never had dreams about deceased loved ones. After openly considering thatthe supernatural and paranormal could be intertwined I have had several dreams which I would love to believe are visitations. If not, at least they represent a pleasant remembrance of those whom have died.

We all believe as we choose. But I think once we open ourselves up to the possibilities of the supernatural we can experience what before we had thought improbable. Life is a mystery, and that which lies beyond what we can physically experience is even more mysterious. And I question now, what more would I experience if I would only let go of my skepticism and embrace the possibilities of what seems incredible.


2 thoughts on “A Message From Beyond?

  1. The supernatural/miracles are only that which we can’t explain or don’t understand. Even science which generally does not admit to the existence of God, realizes that there is something beyond the physical universe as well as something before the Big Bang. For all we know, dreams are more real than we are.

  2. I wonder that last line all the time too. Cruel thing though if there’s all that magical stuff out there and the cost is blind faith. I’d be a little sore at that.

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