Religious Dogma

Will the real Jesus please stand up?

Chinese depiction of Jesus and the rich man (M...

Chinese depiction of Jesus and the rich man (Mark 10) – 1879, Beijing, China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s obvious that there are different versions of Jesus, depending on religious interpretation.

The Protestant’s Jesus loves them and spares them from eternal damnation. While he may love others, he chooses to give divine wisdom to his followers and charges them with the task of leading others into the flock. This version of Jesus hates sin with often a special nod toward the sin of gays and lesbians. He doesn’t count among his sheep misguided Muslims and Mormons who follow the teachings of a false prophet, or Asians with eastern philosophical beliefs since they have not accepted the truth of the Christian faith. But he would love them if only they would see the error of their ways and allow a protestant Christian to lead them toward salvation. While there are hundreds of denominations with thousands of doctrinal differences, at the core this is who their Jesus is.

The Catholic’s Jesus is similar but so divinely God that saints are called upon to join in prayer. He has appointed the Pope as his holy substitute, in affect making the Pope his acting presence on earth and thereby making the words and decisions of the Pope infallible.

The Muslim’s Jesus is a great prophet and teacher, but not divine.

The Hindu’s Jesus to some is an avatar of Vishnu or reincarnation of Krishna, but to many he is a holy man who founded Christianity.

The Mormon Jesus is the brother of Satan and the son of heavenly parents.

The Jesus of the Religious Right is highly political and believes in the establishment of a government to legislate the ideals and moral preferences of its members.

The Jesus in Judaism is a false messiah and not recognized as an instructional rabbi. Some doubt that he existed at all.

And Jesus, according to the atheist, doesn’t exist and is a fabrication made up of various ancient god myths.

Finally there is the biblical Jesus -a spiritual teacher with radical thoughts who challenged the traditional systems of belief; a compassionate man who despite his human trappings became a moral model for humanity and the ethical treatment of others; a man who campaigned a message of love and kindness toward each other, and of helping and spiritually uplifting each other; and a man who was devoted to the God he called Father and a calling to change the state of man from existing within religious rules to living within the grace of God’s divine love.


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