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Prosperity from the Pulpit

I have read several blog posts lately about prosperity preachers. Some posts are positive and in favor of prosperity teachings. Others are negative and claim such teachings are preferred over the messages of righteousness and salvation. These are the voices of the haves and the have-nots.

I wonder what prosperity would represent from God’s perspective. I wonder if he sees prosperity as new cars or more cash in the bank, or if he considers these things to represent greed and selfishness.

I think prosperity is simply good health and having enough to sustain our lives. I see prosperity in the smiles and love of my family and not the dollars in my bank account. When this life is said and done and I am taking my final breaths, will I be thinking about that car? Probably not.

English: Job restored to prosperity

English: Job restored to prosperity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I think of a complete loss of prosperity my mind immediately turns to the story of Job. Ironically mega churches and prosperity preachers were not around in Job’s time. I am sure he could have used an uplifting message on God’ desire for him to have everything that he wanted. Poor Job was devoid of the inspiration from singing choirs and fellow believers shouting amen while someone interpreted bible verses to give him hope. He had to struggle through all the doubt and confusion on his own. Luckily for him, he prevailed.


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