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A Tick in the Lock

English: Title page of The Holy Bible, King Ja...

English: Title page of The Holy Bible, King James version, 1772. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

TA is an evangelical Christian who spends much of her day on a religious forum trying to convince atheists that her beliefs in God are not ridiculous. I read her posts and feel somewhat sympathetic toward her. She takes a noodle to a sword fight and thinks she is somehow winning the upper hand.

TA believes herself masterful in debate using the tools of circular reasoning and well-fitted bible verses. She believes herself influential with the use of apologetic tidbits found scattered about the internet. The problem that befalls her is  that she is not as knowledgeable of the bible as are her skeptical opponents. TA depends on information from sermons that she has heard and information found on the internet which seemingly support the point of view that she has adopted from church teachings. But she is likely to condemn Jehovah Witnesses’ as false teachers in one post then unwittingly utilize an apologetic from a JW website to use in her argument. Like a cat toying with a mouse, her atheist opponents delight in highlighting her shortcomings.

I have always inferred from TA’s posts that she may be, as rightfully accused, someone with her head buried in the sand, but I sense that she has good intent. She honestly believes that she has been taught correctly; and because she truly is concerned for the eternal souls of others that she must obey the Great Commission given her and try to show them the error of their ways and lead them back to God. Unfortunately, like many evangelicals, she enters the arena with a skewered view of christian history and has little idea that her use of the bible in battling those who find no credibility in the bible has little effect. Still, she swings her noodle mightily.

Today, TA shocked me. She posted a piece wherein she admits that she no longer thinks that the King James Version is the only written word of God. It seems that she has found it easier to read the ESV bible. Perhaps there is hope for TA to awaken from a dogmatic slumber after all.

In thinking about TA’s post I consider how many evangelicals have accepted some new historical information into their dogmata yet never adapt their beliefs. Many have now begun calling Jesus “Yeshua”. Many use Greek or root words to embellish their translations and prove points. Still it seems whatever information is accepted becomes quickly twisted and contrived then regurgitated back into the same doctrine.

But there is hope for TA and other evangelicals like her. The fact that they are willing to accept new information on the historical roots of Christianity tells me that they are hearing a tick from within the lock which means that maybe in time, probably a very long time, they may realize that there is a brighter light outside the constraints of doctrines.


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