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The Unseen Road


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There are hidden paths, roads and thruways that are obscured from the view of the casual observer. For many who pass it by, there is an unseen road.
In our religions we travel upon the established roads of consensus. The roads that have been built out of our need to be a part of the whole, where we can spiritually abide within the contentment that where there is conformity there is great and righteous knowledge, and where we can find satisfaction and principle in the approval and agreement of others.

In spirituality there is an unseen road. It is the road outside of contentment, the road that seeks more than what is known. It is a journey of the soul seeking to know God intimately, with greater understanding, faith and conviction. It is the road that we must walk alone, guided only by our heart in search for the mystery of divine truth revealed only to those who seek to know.

Jesus said seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you. Many have stalled at the beginning of the journey believing that they have sought, when truly they have merely accepted. It is easier to accept what is believed by the whole to be true than to stand alone and seek the truth for ourselves. We accept the opinions and beliefs of others. We are satisfied that the truth has been revealed to us through the opinions and beliefs of others, especially when many agree. Jesus Himself taught us through the example of his life, and through his teachings to look deeper and not accept what is given us as the undisputed true revelation of God to his people. He taught within the willingness of those to believe in what he was teaching. He confessed to speaking in parables for those unready to look deeper. He taught deeper understanding to those who hungered for the hidden truth. Often he said, he who hath ears to hear, let him hear. Look deeper, desire to understand what is not easily understood.

The unseen road is not for the light of heart. It is a road of trepidation. It holds fear of the unfamiliar, apprehension of nonconformity and anxiety with disassociation from the group. Upon it, travelers are lonely, uncertain, disturbed and always questioning righteousness. But for those who travel this road, the reward is joy unspeakable, faith unbreakable, will unstoppable, and the hidden wisdom and knowledge given only to those who hunger in heart.

Each of us is responsible for our own journey back to the creator, and we are called upon to find our own true path. Upon this road we will learn the truest meaning of love, faith, hope and peace. We will learn that each spirit is unique and communes with God in the call of this individual spirit and that there is no group consensus of righteousness. We will love, forgive and tolerate transgression. Our spirit will become the church where the gates of hell will not prevail against it, no furious wind will knock it over, no raging fire will consume it, and no mighty ocean will drown it. On this unseen road, our spirit abides in grace and hunger until it finally escapes the unknown and gratefully returns to the being of God.


6 thoughts on “The Unseen Road

  1. Enjoyed reading your post about our ‘Christian journey’ and the paths are often unseen, mostly to those not looking for their own route but just content to follow others. I do however think that the oddesey does not have to be alone, at least not all the time.

  2. The unseen road exists within each of us, in a unique way only accessed by the individual treading the path. Whether consciously or unconsciously, each person is already on that path. But a ‘conscious choice’ to walk it, run it, drive on it, whatever… makes the journey much more enjoyable, and the progress tangible.

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