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Blowing Leaves

English: The leaves shows the colors of our hu...

English: The leaves shows the colors of our human life… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found a misplaced photograph of my aunt today causing me to reflect upon her life and of course when she died.

To make myself feel better I decided to play one of her favorite hymns on my guitar as a remembrance and tribute to her life. I took my guitar outside and sat down in the porch swing. I started strumming a song that we had played together so often and I had hoped by playing it I would feel better. But I didn’t feel better.

I looked up to see a small offshoot branch at the tip top of a tree. I noted that there was no wind, no breeze stirring, only still air. As an act of faith, I asked her to show me she was ok by moving the leaves on that branch. Within a few seconds, the leaves stirred as if swayed by a slow gentle breeze. Startled, I quickly glanced around to see if other leaves were moving. They were not. And then the leaves on that branch stirred gently once again, and I am certain that only those leaves moved. Immediately I felt comforted. It was like a message to my soul.

There are those who will think that it was a coincidence, and that I just didn’t see the other leaves move because I was choosing not to. Even I can admit that it may be some freak occurrence that I willing accepted as what I wanted to see. Whatever anyone chooses to think is alright by me. I choose to believe that she let me know that she was ok, and that however it may be described or perceived, there is something more after this life, and in that place we can still know the joys and pain of those we have left behind, and if those we leave behind will seek a higher understanding that we can let them know that we are still there, still loving and caring about them.

Years have gone by now, and sometimes, like today, I miss her and grieve her loss for a few moments. But more than that I honor her life believing that love is eternal and never consumed by death and separation.  Love, everlasting, gently blows leaves for those who will see.


2 thoughts on “Blowing Leaves

  1. This is lovely. And yes, I also believe we receive reassurances and guidance from the spiritual dimension of Reality by way of small signs, not by large, obvious miracles. Those seem to be engineered by flim-flam artists, as so many debunkers have shown.

    • I think there is alot to be gained from accepting the possibilities and opening up our hearts and mind to experience beyond what the physical senses convey. I can admit that my mind perhaps played a trick on me, but I know in my heart that those leaves moved and I feel better because I know it.

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