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I Am that I Am…..What is God?

God the Father 21

God the Father 21 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

The bible provides the story. Moses asks God for his name. God responds, “I am that I am.” Whether we believe that Moses actually saw God or chewed on something like peyote and hallucinated, this story tells us that what he saw or thought he saw was beyond his ability to describe. He did not understand the how and why of its existence.  Elsewhere in the Old Testament there is a story where God speaks to the people. The speech is excruciating to the ears and overwhelming to the mind to such an extent that the people cry out for it to cease and never speak again. In both stories the underlying message is that God is a force which cannot be explained and whose existence is beyond human ability to connect with it.  Somehow through the years God graduated from being this unexplainable force to a type of supernatural parental being that we all can understand and communicate with.  Maybe it is time to start rethinking what God is.

I realized at an early age that there were too many doctrines for any one of them to be God’s directive. An omniscient God would not have so much distraction for his minions to contend with. It was not a big leap for me to begin seeing the truth of religions. It was easy to see the politics and social herding, the telltale signs of subjugation throughout the hierarchies and down flow. It became easier and easier to hear the voice of man in the bible and to see the human ego imparting its self through chapter to chapter and verse to verse. Before long I realized that the only way that God can exist is within the soul. The only entity that can hear and acknowledge the voice of God is the inner self, the self that is super consciousness and innately spiritually inclined.  All the rest of it, from holy book interpretations to worshipping rituals, is all the construct of humans.

So what then is God?

I have noticed that I tend to use photos of Nebulae in my posts that are about God. I think this is because I see Nebulae as mystical and magical, much the same way that I see God…. beyond my casual comfort to understand. It is not easy for me to wrap my mind around the enigma of God and harder still to define what I think God is. So before I start trying to describe my understanding of what God is, I will begin by saying that I don’t believe God to be a “who”. I don’t consider God to be a being as defined in our descriptive terms. He is not the white bearded parental man in the sky. In fact, he is not a he, not a she, not a who.

I tend to describe God as a supreme consciousness, an enigmatic force which cannot be sufficiently described or defined or explained. It is the existence of everything as one. The universe and all living matter is the realization of existence, which most people think of as God.  To even call it God is futile. It can’t be named because it can’t be adequately defined. But to simply reference it, it must be labeled, although erroneously, and like most others I refer to it as “God”.

Some scientists define it as the First Cause, not that they are mindfully defining God but rather what they reference as a starting point or beginning process. The religious call it God, but both they and scientists are referring to the same thing…the creation source.

God, as described in Revelations, is the alpha and omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end, that which was before and that which will remain after our experienced reality. God is the whole of actuality, the energy and matter that interconnects and binds all of existence together. Broken into descriptive fragments, God is particles, , molecules, energy, inertia, gravity, anti-gravity, chemical elements, physical elements, bodies, emotions, the planets, the stars, all matter, all dark matter, the summation of natural and mathematical laws. God is everything that “is”. God is the balance within the yin and yang, all that is known and all that remains unknown. The mind darts between the fragments of descriptions and yet cannot connect it all as the whole. It is “I am that I am”, familiar to the mind, but as a whole, undefined and unexplainable within the capability of the mind.

We, and all that exist, are part of this whole, the oneness of existence, labeled as God or the First Cause. God is “I am that I am”, or, God = I am. And I am = God.


8 thoughts on “I Am that I Am…..What is God?

  1. As usual, you are spot on. All there is is consciousness, even you and I.
    P.S. In ancient biblical times the name of God was sacred and so people were not allowed to even utter his name. Boy, how things have changed.

  2. That verse is actually one of the few things that still makes me raise an eyebrow to the bible. I think its pretty significant, especially for its time.

    As a consciousness, god still ends up as a direct entity of sorts which is something ive long had trouble with (occams: why would a conscious entity god be more viable a first cuase than simple laws of physics?). In my retreat from that question and looking at the natural world, Ive more tended think of god as “a way things tend to go” or a “direction”, extensive enough to have real seeming effects on us (ambiguous I know). Kind of like entropy I guess, but well, more friendly hah. As such Id see god as more an emergent or coexisting property of the universe rather than a separate first cause.

  3. I always interpreted the “I am that I am” verse to be that God was telling Moses to answer the question with “I (which is to say Moses) Am”. That the essence of God is at the core of our being. Of course, this wasn’t a particularly popular interpretation, and didn’t earn me much favor in the eyes of religious authority figures. Reaching the core of our being can be a difficult and painful process (“excruciating to the ears and overwhelming to the mind to such an extent that the people cry out for it to cease and never speak again”) because so many of us have such strong attachments to our identities in society and physicality. They don’t call it “hitting bottom” for nothing. Stripping away everything that identifies an individual as separate, alone, finite, limited, until there’s nothing left but the essence of the Divine. In this way, we come once again to the Point at the End of the Circle, where Opposites Unite. Even the path of self-destruction that so many are on in this day and age, will eventually lead to, of course, destruction of the self, and then, there will be Unity. Of course, there are still many today who that interpretation doesn’t earn much favor with. But that is my Perspective, and I choose to give value to my Perspective, in my experience and understanding.

  4. Or perhaps using the I Am title it was showing a deeper understanding of God than most religious people get. To know that the Maker can’t be boxed is actually a very deep understanding. The Hebrew language in that text describing the I Am actually matches the Greek in Revelation, meaning that God is an eternally existing being who is everywhere at all times from eternity. God is the very true Present who was, will be and is all at once. So the meaning of that Exodus verse is actually very deep and pervasive.

    Incidentally, both the Hebrew and the Greek identify God as a being.

    The mystery of nebulae is lost on me as a scientist who studies geology and astronomy. A nebula is a cloud of gas and dust particles whose colour and light is a basic result of chemical and physical processes. It is a larger version of what I could produce in a beaker in my lab. There’s no God being in there. It’s just basic matter behaving according to its chemical properties. My thoughts on God certainly run much deeper and much more indescribable than a lifeless cloud of dust and gas. 🙂

  5. I come from a Catholic family, although muchof my mother’s side of the family leans toward a mystic approach. I bought a book onmystic foundations and it defined God as an anagram that made perfect sense to me.
    Generating force
    Organizing force
    Destructive force

    • Your anagram is fitting because I think God is a force of all those characteristics. It would seem from within your family structure you have been able to experience both the practicality of rituals and the encounter of the mystic. That should put you in a good place to explore your spirituality I would think. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

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