Pyramid of Knowledge

A lady in deep thoughts.Today during Contemplation I had a comforting realization. I was thinking about how my perspectives seem to always be in a state of change. I thought it likely that I have never lit upon the truth, just fair-weather thoughts that sway within the informational breeze. As I reflected upon this idea – that searching truth is such a futile endeavor if I continue to drift from one understanding into another– I saw a mental image of a pyramid being built. The exterior of the stones contained writing. I watched as the foundation formed and then a new layer of stone began to be laid upon them.

As the pyramid began to rise upward I visualized watching the construction of knowledge considering that each layer represented a foundation for the next. My knowledge is obtained through evolving perspective. It doesn’t mean that what was previously held to be true is no longer valid, but that it becomes a supporting foundation for the progression of understanding. Just as foundation layers are still part of the structure but no longer the visible image, previously held perspectives serve their purpose as foundations giving rise to higher awareness.

In the words of a former college professor, “Knowledge is but a rotting corpse if the beholder chooses not to will it to live.”



6 thoughts on “Pyramid of Knowledge

  1. God used your posy to confirm an encouragement given to me last year. There is great strength in the shape of a pyramid, each piece holding others in place. Thank you for enlarging that meaning to me.

  2. What perfect insight into knowledge you received. I had a similar experience last year, not exact, but similar for sure. Lately I’ve been thinking about why I’ve felt led by God to these different spiritual stations if I would only eventually change or grow my perspective. But I think that each new perspective and experience outside of my old way of thinking opens me to receive more…knowledge, wisdom, etc. So it isn’t all for naught.

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