Bat Kid: Why Does Uplifting Others Feel So Good?

This past Friday, Bat Kid saved Gotham City from the dastardly deeds of the likes of the Riddler and the Penguin.  Residents of San Francisco came out in number with signs and cheers of support for Miles Scott, a five year old battling leukemia. Local and national news coverage was plentiful and twitter was abuzz with tweets on the story.



As I watched this story with misty eyes and a happy heart I thought about why it is that we feel so good with acts of kindness, charity and giving back to others? While not all feel this way, most of us experience a special joy and feeling of reward when helping others. We feel good about ourselves for being a better person.


I think it is because our inherent spiritual nature is exactly designed to be “as one with another”, just as most religions teach. When we act with the willingness to treat others as we would like to be treated by others we experience the joy of the spirit, the joy unspeakable.

Well, anyway, that is my pithy opinion based on my own experience and understanding. What I know to be true in my life is that when I began to regard others with a measure of respect, tolerance and kindness my life became better.  Feelings of stress and negativity are replaced with a contentment just to exist and experience this life, and to appreciate the beauty of nature and everyday miracles that surround me.

Because of all of this I am a believer in Karma and the laws of attraction. I believe we indeed reap what we sow and our actions are accountable to us in this lifetime.  Life is short. I choose to live as positively as I possibly can. I choose to nurture whatever this spirit inside me is that allows me to feel joyful and content.  And what always lifts my spirit and makes me feel good about myself is the willingness to help and give to others.

Judging by the excitement of the newscasters, tweeters, commenters and those who lined the streets in support of young Miles, it seems evident that doing something for the benefit of another is beneficial to ourselves as well.


5 thoughts on “Bat Kid: Why Does Uplifting Others Feel So Good?

    • To be honest, I tend to merge positive thinking and LOA together as one being the evidence of the other. To some degree my family has always believed in some sort of “what goes around comes around” philosophy. I was skeptical of LOA in the beginning, but the more I let myself be open to it the truer is seems to be.

    • It seems especially uplifting to watch a child experience so much happiness. That is why as a parent I never grumbled because of getting just two hours sleep on Christmas morning when the kids rushed the tree at 5 am. Just taking in all the joy from them excitedly prowling through their toys made it all worthwhile.

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