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The Voice of God

God the Father 16

God the Father 16 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

Have you ever experienced that one forceful thought? The one that scatters all processing thoughts into oblivion and seems to dismiss the flow of internal dialogue with the urgency of “whoa, wait, listen to me!”  In my experience, it doesn’t happen often but rather rarely and it is uniquely different from my usual thoughts. It doesn’t occur haphazardly but always when I am focused in contemplation about something. It presents in a lucid tone distinctive from my usual thoughts and is so profound that I am startled into complete concentration on this one thought. While it may be the voice of my super subconscious making itself known to my alert mind, I am someone who considers that the super subconscious is the source within me that is connected to the infinite eternal consciousness of all creation, and thus for me, it can represent the “voice” of God.

I often recognize a different version of this “voice” in moments of synchronicity and serendipity. I can also infer the subtle suggestions of this “voice” in the dialogue of characters in movies that touch my soul, or in the words of a book or article that addresses a struggle in my life and causes me to derive the solution. And I can suppose this “voice” in the unity of ancient texts written throughout time by those trying to understand God and find the meaning and purpose in their lives.

I have questioned, as do many skeptics, why if God exists he doesn’t have a better way of communicating. I have heard many atheists question if God is real why he doesn’t just appear in the sky and announce his presence and what he expects of his followers. While there are many skeptics who are so embittered with the bible to discount it having any useful purpose, there is a scripture in the old testament of the bible that describes the physical hearing of God’s voice as so intolerably painful that the people cry out for it to cease. I think about this scripture and wonder why would this not be true? How would a force so powerful as to create the universe communicate with a fragile, finite construction of stardust? When an airplane flies too low overhead, or any type of loud and painful noise occurs, I cover my ears. What would be the resulting impact of a true supernatural voice if it occurred? Sound can be so destructive to the human ear that it can be used as a weapon to confuse, disable and destroy. At high frequencies it can cause irregular heartbeat, create pain and nausea and even damage human tissue in the intestines and lungs. Infrasonic sound can penetrate armor and concrete rendering them defenseless as protection. When I think about the use of ultrasound in terms of weaponry, I question how the sounding “voice” of the infinite source -in a hertz capacity that I would consider to be much greater than a ultra-sonic weapon- could communicate with us unless it was buffered to a tolerance or communicated through alternate means.

As for the subtle voice of God that I assume hearing in my thoughts or perceive through my awareness of synchronicity and serendipity I can admit it may be just be unusual workings of my own mind. But what gives it meaning to me is when it changes me in some way. And it always does, if not instantly then over time as relative future occurrences of providence are revealed that when combined cause my doubt about the supernatural to become less than my belief.


4 thoughts on “The Voice of God

  1. I used to think I heard that vouce. Now it’s very very hard for me to find any rationale that concludes the simplest explanation is just a placebo of my own mind. Still, that OT story about… Moses i think… in the cave and the different sounds he was expecting to hear God in– those are some gorgeous verses.

  2. Interesting perspective about the overwhelming “sound” of God. Not one that I agree with, however. I’m more akin to Page 28’s thinking. Not God. Just me.

  3. It’s harder to listen to “the still small voice” that whispers in the heart, the soul or the deep recesses of the mind. It requires a mood of contemplation and openness to hear it. Shouting even on human terms causes the ‘target hearer’ to turn away. So what you say makes sense.

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