Faith and Doubt

No Faith in God

If I had not already lost faith in an omnipotent benefactor abiding in the heavens before, I would now, because of this.

In my home state of Tennessee a two year old child is missing, presumably lost in the woods. It has now been 72 hours since the child became lost and the search for him has commenced. With law enforcement, and search and rescueheaven knows teams nearby and from neighboring states, trained search dogs, and hundreds of local and out of state volunteers on sight working in shifts to find this child, there is no progress. The dogs pick up no scent, there are not any tracks in the mud, and there are no remnants of torn clothes or lost shoes. Nothing,  nada, zip. It is as if this child has vanished into thin air.

But there are prayers, lots and lots of prayers. Prayers on TV, prayers on Facebook, prayers in churches, prayers on buses filled with volunteers on their way to the search site. Prayers upon prayers to a deity with a deaf ear.

There are those who continue to have faith in an omniscient God with a merciful heart, able and willing to show grace and compassion to those in need, but I am not one of them. What need could be greater than the safe return of this vulnerable and innocent baby lost in the woods with no protection from the elements or predators?

They pray, “Let your angels surround him and guide him into the hands of the rescuers” , or “let the volunteers be guided to this child in need.”  The answer seems to be, nope, can’t help you.

Others pray, “We are standing upon your word, where two or more agree in your name, it will be granted, in the name of Jesus, we claim this victory.”  There are much more than two gathered and praying. No answer, no care, no concern.

So what is left to do but proclaim and stand upon the well-worn rationalization for unanswered prayers, “We cannot know the will of God, but one day we will know why this happened”.

And let’s just ignore the fact that in response to these numerous and ongoing prayer requests, came the cruelest act of all. A storm that brings a rain and snow mix with freezing temperatures in the low teens unleashed upon a precious, vulnerable baby, wandering lost in the woods wearing only a t-shirt and jeans, who has most likely ripped his clothes and lost his shoes and is wet with saturated urine.

The thought of this bewildered child, cold and frightened in the cold darkness of these woods nearly steals my breath with every thought of it. Please don’t try to tell me that God hears prayers, and sometimes the answer is no. In this case, that would be a cruelty that is incomprehensible.  A bitterly cold storm added to this already heart wrenching situation is just rubbing salt into a gaping, bleeding wound.

If your God exists and this is the best he can do, or is willing to do, then there is no need for him at all. Unless of course, you need that promotion at work, or to find your car keys, or some sweet revenge rendered to that person who recently pissed you off

You can keep that God. I don’t need him. I need the one that would have helped this child.


5 thoughts on “No Faith in God

  1. prayer in the ot is conversing with god and seeing him face to face… that is if you’re lucky enough to be a prophet, priest or king.
    prayer in the nt is asking for and receiving provision, answers and direction just when you need it, as long as you were luck to have written the stories yourself that it.
    prayer in the christian’s life is long stints of silence, self judgement and condemnation and the suspicion that you haven’t done enough, been righteous enough or prayed in the right way… enough to get an answer… ANY answer. prayer in the christian’s life is a silent conversation with someone who listens, but never converses… someone who is ‘there’ but never ‘here’ in any perceptable or even meaningful way.
    finally, prayer in a christian’s life becomes les of asking and receiving and more about becoming and conforming ‘yourself’ to the answer you need.
    prayer ultimately in the christian life is ‘self’ discovery because there isn’t anyone else across the table to discover otherwise.
    christian prayer is an exercise in talking to yourself and finding out that you are the only ‘god’ who will answer.

  2. Hello my friend, Unconvential Spitituality. You tell a story of the greatest sorrow. As a father of two young children under 4 years old, I can not imagine any greater emotional pain then my child lost, hurt or scared and alone in the woods. There is vey little that can match that emotional turmoil. But, my friend, I still would want those prayers. I wouldn’t want them for any Shazam features of magically making my child appear or whishing through our physical time and space to chance any physical laws. I would want them because we are physical being existing in a spiritual world from birth to 100 or so years. Here may be a catch for some people, I believe we are also spiritual being.

    Our potential hundred years isn’t even a grain of sand on all the beaches in the world from now until the sun burns out in 5 billion years. There are Forces that exist today and have existed for a billions of years if not for even that we are not yet aware of or have begun to use. Ok, so you say, I am making shit up. Maybe. I use for my examples of “forces” which have existed as long as the earth that we are just now learning about, but have not yet learned to use fully; the Higgs field, dark energy, hell, even gravity is only only rudimentarily understood. If you disagree, then think about the possibly of turning off gravity, or using it to dilate time. Time dilation would have been ridiculed by Newton, but a few hundred years later, Einstein proposed it and opened the door to black holes, time travel, etc.

    Now, back to your question of “why God isn’t granting your prayers?” I really don’t know. I would would think life is established as a system to work together with trillions and trillions of moving parts. It works together in way we can not fully understand. I am implying that the we do not know the end result of this horrible loss. I am not justifying or minimizing this Terrible, Horrendous, lost of the this child. My heart is deeply saddened and I am breathless too considering this child’s situation. My Point to You is that you are asking the wrong question.

    Why do you need to blame Our Creator, if I may use that term? Our 100 year journey in this life is meant to experience life, both good events and bad events. Tell me UnConSpirit, how can humans exist without choice? I am not trying to justify or rationalize. My heart breaks as a father for the parents of this lost child. But, these circumstances have always been with the human condition. How about the cave man, or wild lion, who kills his competitor for his mate and now must also kill the children of that union or the Cubs of that pride. Or that a murderer who takes a parent from his children or a stray bullet that takes the life of an innocent child. These are all horrible events. I am not saying to just accept accept it either. But, just because we can’t make sense of it with our finite, but very amazing minds, is not a reason to blame some icon that you perceive to be God. When would the Creator of the Universe need to heed the advice of limited minds, when, & yes, I’m going to say it; He is a loving God and does want the best for those that choose the path of truth and love.

    That is sort of my take on this. I say sort of because, my thoughts and feelings are much deeper than I can articulate here. I am not trying to persuade you. But, I am saying saying you are confusing your understanding of life with the absolute meaning of Life. Ask, what next to find this child. Pray that as this child lay alone and scared that spiritual beings surround him and comfort him in those moments. I would suggest you stop trying to justify a faith in a god that was formed in your mind or the mind of humans and live your live as if there is a loving and benevolent Creator. If this is too difficult, then think of the high school kid saying, “I don’t need school when I can work at the factory and make a good living for me and my family.” At 14, you can reason your truths, but as a child you think as a child. If you believe that we humans have a full understanding of our Universe, let alone our lives; make a living sentient being and a Big Bang and get back to me. (Said with a smile)

    Thank you for your post. I really enjoy reading your thoughts. Tony

  3. I wrote this in a few free moments, so there are some spelling or or transposed words. “spiritual being in a physical world”, etc. damn, where’s the edit button: “change not chance”, “ever not even”, “a way”, “can not articulate well enough here”, edit..edit edit button, where the hell re you?

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